The Platform

The Invector Labs platform combines top engineering talent with artificial intelligence to produce better software.

1 Intelligent Talent Selection

Starting with a project request, the Invector Labs platform will use data points from our freelance talent network as well as sources such as LinkedIn, GitHub, and StackOverflow to assemble different teams well-equipped to deliver the solution.

2 We Optimize Work

The Invector Labs platform maintains a library of machine learning models, code components, and datasets that can be reused to expedite the delivery of a project.

3 To Us, Everything Is Data

Every project produces thousands of data signals to make the Invector Labs platform smarter. Build, deployments, test executed, tasks completed—all become data points to help the Invector Labs platform optimize the work and make better recommendations.

4 Powered by Sophisticated Processes

We obsess about processes!Talented project managers and a robust methodology are key elements that help us deliver projects on time and on budget.

5 Pricing Is a Science Not an Art

The Invector Labs platform uses as many data points as possible to help us estimate and price the projects accurately. The caliber of our talent network, the reusability of existing assets, and the sophisticated processes guarantees that our prices are accurate and more affordable than traditional consultancies.

6 The DevOps Touch

Our work is never done, whether it is monitoring, optimizing, retraining machine learning models, or monitoring cloud solutions, our DevOps solutions will help you rest easy knowing that your solution is in good hands.

The most innovative companies have already seized this opportunity.
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