Benefits for Companies

Let’s build software the intelligent way! Invector Labs is using artificial intelligence and rigorously-vetted computer science talent to set a new bar for software development on-demand.

Rapidly Onboard the
Best Talent

Hiring talent in high technical areas is very challenging. Get immediate access to our network and work with some of the best hackers around the world by hiring the teams that are the best fit for your project.

High Tech Is Not a Limitation Anymore

Start initiatives in cutting edge technology areas like artificial intelligence, blockchain, advanced cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more. Tap into our freelance network and get going!

Complete Automation

Having a top engineering team is not enough. Our product managers leverage the newest tools to provide complete automation and visibility across the entire project.

Smart Pricing

We estimate projects using empirical science that factors in many elements from the composition of the team, our experience in the specific domain, the technology stack, prior projects, and many other aspects. Every data point from every project is used to improve our estimation.

The most innovative companies have already seized this opportunity.
How about you?

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