About Us

Invector Labs was created to reimagine software development on demand and challenge the traditional agency model. We believe that new technology trends such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, or cybersecurity require a new delivery paradigm. Our platform sits at the intersection of revolutionary trends including artificial intelligence and the globalization of talent to reimagine software development on-demand for enterprises and startups.

We are a group of passionate computer scientists that believe in a vision founded on the following principles:

High Tech Talent Is the New Currency

New technology trends like artificial intelligence or blockchain technologies have increased the gap between the requirements of enterprise software and the ability of companies to find the right talent. Our high-end freelance network connects companies with top computer scientists and engineers around the world.

High Tech Talent Is Global

Borders don’t apply when it comes to advanced technology. Maybe the perfect data scientist or developer for your software lives on the other side of the world. However, poor communications, cultural differences, and regulatory concerns can often inhibit companies from leveraging the best talent for their software project. We complement our freelance network of computer scientists and engineers with a very talented group of project managers and a sophisticated portfolio of tools to provide a seamless experience for our clients to access the best technical talent.

AI Is Eating Software

We believe that every piece of B2B software will be rewritten with artificial intelligence as a first-class citizen. Our network of data scientists actively works to translate cutting edge research into scalable enterprise software products.

The Return of Computer Science

Technology trends like artificial intelligence, blockchain, or cyber-security require rigorous computer science skills. We are actively partnering with research labs and universities to bring new ideas to our work with customers.

The Traditional Agency Model Is Broken

From inflated prices to poor accountability, the traditional engagement model of digital agencies and service providers is completely broken. The agencies want to charge more while the customers care about on time delivery and budget. No more of that. We combine scientific pricing methods, advanced project management and automation tools and a model that aligns our interests with our customers in order to create a new engagement experience for the companies we work with.

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